MAD arises with the purpose of existing – existing to create. 


MAD arises with the purpose of existing – existing to create.From an early age we understood that our aim was to create and respond to the creative needs of the market, both artistic and technological. Thus, we developed in two distinct but complementary strands. Based on the four pillars that we consider fundamental, we build our collective of creatives, which allows us to explore a variety of areas such as design, photography, video, programming and others, making a bridge between the client and our partners; in parallel we developed our line of textiles, in order to materialize our graphic product, resulting from ideas and dreams lost and registered in the design. With a unique, iconic, vibrant and exclusive design, all of our textile pieces go hand in hand with sustainability and we only produce in 100% recycled materials. With superior quality and limited production, we allow our consumers to collect our designer pieces with an associated ecological awareness.


Everything is born with the junction of two worlds, that of technology and art. Combined in one, we present our mission here, today.